Updated: November 9, 2023

7 Meditation Tips for People On The Go: A Comprehensive Guide

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Meditation Tips

In our modern, fast-paced world, the constant hustle and bustle can make it challenging to find a moment of tranquility. Yet, meditation emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a systematic approach to finding inner peace amidst the chaos. Whether you’re jet-setting across the globe, awaiting a crucial meeting, or just grabbing a quick coffee break, the art of meditation is adaptable, with these meditation tips, tailored for those always on the move:

1. Embrace the Basics of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the cornerstone of meditation. It emphasizes being wholly present, immersing oneself in the current moment, and observing one’s surroundings without any preconceived judgments. Even amidst the cacophony of a busy street or a crowded subway, you can anchor yourself by focusing on your rhythmic breath, the myriad sounds echoing around, or the subtle sensations coursing through your body. This practice, devoid of any complexities, can seamlessly integrate into any part of your day.

2. Meditate in Motion

Contrary to popular belief, meditation isn’t confined to sitting in a lotus position with closed eyes. Walking meditation is a testament to this, where each step is taken with mindfulness and awareness. As you walk, be it in a park or on your way to work, immerse yourself in the sensation of your feet touching the ground, the rhythm of your breath, and the surrounding sounds. It’s a rejuvenating way to infuse meditation into your daily activities.

3. Utilize Guided Meditations

The digital age brings with it a plethora of apps and tools dedicated to guided meditations. These platforms, led by seasoned meditation experts, are particularly beneficial for novices or those who find the ambient noise a barrier to meditation. By simply plugging in your headphones, you can be whisked away to a tranquil oasis, making the art of meditation accessible even in the noisiest of places.

4. Find Moments Throughout Your Day

Meditation doesn’t demand a fixed slot in your daily schedule. It’s about finding pockets of time and transforming them into moments of mindfulness. Whether you’re in a queue, commuting, or even doing mundane chores, these intervals can be turned into opportunities for meditation. Such consistent, brief practices can markedly alleviate stress and anxiety levels.

5. Discreet Public Meditation

If the idea of meditating in public spaces makes you apprehensive, there are ways to do it discreetly. For instance, while seated on a park bench or awaiting public transport, simply close your eyes and delve deep into your breath. To the casual observer, it might appear as if you’re just indulging in a brief respite.

6. Create a Portable Sanctuary

In our quest for inner peace, certain items can act as anchors. Consider carrying noise-canceling headphones to drown out distractions or a personal item like a polished stone, pendant, or bracelet that resonates with tranquility. These items can serve as your personal sanctuary, aiding in centering yourself whenever the need arises.

7. Remember the Benefits

It’s natural to occasionally feel a resistance or lethargy towards meditation. In such moments, remind yourself of the myriad benefits it offers. From sharpening focus, and curtailing stress, to bolstering overall mental well-being, the advantages of regular meditation are manifold. Even dedicating a mere few minutes daily can usher in transformative changes.

More Meditation Tips and Answers to Some Questions About Meditating On the Go

Meditation is a versatile practice that offers numerous benefits, from reducing stress to enhancing focus. However, many people face challenges when trying to incorporate meditation into their busy lives. Here are detailed answers to some common questions about meditating on the go:

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How do you meditate in a busy place?

In bustling environments, the key is to embrace the essence of mindfulness. This means being present and observing your surroundings without judgment. Instead of getting lost in the chaos, focus on your breath, the sounds around you, or the sensations in your body. Guided meditation tools and apps can also be beneficial, transporting you to a serene environment even amidst the noise.

How do you meditate in public without looking weird?

Meditating in public doesn’t have to appear strange or ridiculous. Simple practices, such as focusing on your breath while sitting on a park bench or waiting for a bus, can be discreet. To outsiders, it might seem like you’re merely taking a moment to relax or reflect. Additionally, using noise-canceling headphones can help you focus and give the impression that you’re just listening to music.

How to meditate without sitting?

Who said meditation requires sitting still? There are various forms of meditation in motion. Walking meditation, for instance, involves being mindful of each step and your surroundings. You can also focus on your breath while walking or running, making it a meditative exercise. The key is to be present and attentive to the moment, regardless of your physical position.

How to do meditation anytime, anywhere?

Meditation is about awareness and can be practiced in any setting. Whether you’re commuting, waiting in line, or even brushing your teeth, these moments can be transformed into meditation opportunities. Carry a small item that brings you peace, like a smooth stone or a piece of jewelry, to help center yourself. Remember, even just a few minutes of mindfulness can bring about a sense of calm and clarity.


Meditation, with its flexibility, can be molded to complement any lifestyle. Armed with these tips, even the most time-pressed individuals can carve out moments of serenity and clarity in their hectic day. It’s essential to remember that meditation isn’t about chasing perfection but about the journey and the consistent effort to return to the present.

Published: September 14, 2023

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